»Soaking Feet in Cold Water Benefits

Soaking Feet in Cold Water Benefits

Soaking Feet in Cold Water Benefits ~ The cold temperature is supposed to stimulate nerve endings in the skin to withdraw blood to the body's core. Cold bathing can be practiced in the following ways:

1.Washing the face with cold water
First, dip your face into cold or ice water, then fully exhale through the nose; rise up for inhalation, repeat for 5 to 10 times.

2.Scrubbing the body with cold water
This practice incorporates both coldness and massage. Dry the body properly, keeping it relaxed, warm and comfortable.

3.Soaking the feet with cold water
Soak the feet in ice water for 1 to 2 minutes, rubbing them constantly.

4.Taking cold baths
This involves submerging the body in a tub of ice cold water, the water temperature should be carefully monitored depending on the individual tolerance for discomfort. Winter swimming improves tolerance of cold and stress.
Individuals with serious or chronic diseases should not practice cold bathing.

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